Faculty Senate Scholarship and Community Conference
The Education Pipeline: Plugging the Leaks
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Afternoon Breakout Session Choices

There will be two breakout sessions in the afternoon.  Please select two sessions.  If you are unable to select an option, that particular option is already filled for the session.  If you would like to waitlist a closed section, please email Dr. Pattison (dpattison@uh.edu).

Early Childhood Education
Talent Development
School to Work Transition
Educational Policy and House Bill 5
Embedding Information Technology in the Curriculum:  What does it mean for equity and access?

Pre-Conference Workshop for Counselors

This session is designed for K-12 counselors to discuss issues relevant to college and career advising. Continuing education credit is available for both days of the conference.  This session will be held on Thursday, October 22 from 1-7PM the day before the main conference.