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All minor requests that are submitted must be reviewed for approval. Unconditional approval of the minor requires a 2.00 UH GPA and completion of at least one course that is applicable to the minor and attempted at UH.

Computer Science Minor Requests – In addition to a 2.00 UH GPA and completion of one course that is applicable to the minor and attempted at UH, you must also have the following: 2.00 UHcumulative GPA on the most recent 60 hours of college credit attempted; 2.00 UH GPA on all MATH courses attempted; 2.00 UH GPA on all COSC courses attempted.

Data Science Minor Requests – You must have the following: 2.50 UH cumulative GPA; 2.50 UH GPA on a combination of all MATH and COSC courses attempted.

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